I usually give my clients "homework" consisting of simple exercises they can do to keep their bodies feeling great away from the Pilates studio.  Often these simple exercises need some tools.  I've decided to put all my favorite home Pilates tools in one post so you can easily see what my recommendations are.  I've provided links to these products in Amazon, but you can purchase similar products anywhere you would like.

The Foam Roller

One of my top tools that I recommend new clients get for themselves.  Check out my Simple Home Back Care article for examples of some exercises you can do with the roller for your back. I usually recommend a soft foam roller.  I'm a fan of the MELT roller but it is a bit pricey so I've been steering clients toward this OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Density. But really you can go with any brand and if you prefer a roller that is a bit firmer that is fine too.  You just want to feel good when you are using it, not wincing in pain.

Small Exercise Ball

These small 8" balls are great to place under the hips, between the knees or under the thoracic spine.  There is so much you can do with them!  I also love using them partially deflated.  Again there are many brands of these "sponge balls" but this is the one I usually send my clients to when they ask - the SPRI SPONGEBALL.


These are the ultimate home workout tool!  They are small and travel well, too.  You can do so much with a theraband to add resistance to any Pilates routine.  They come in different colors that have different resistance weights.  I personally like the green as a middle of the road resistance.  This Theraband beginner package has three different colors and is a great starter kit.

Light Hand Weights

A set of light hand weights is also nice to have in your home Pilates studio kit.  I recommend have two or three pound only.  It does not seem like much but they can make a Pilates Mat session very challenging!  There are so many brands and it really doesn't matter which you choose.  Here is a link to a set of two pound weights on Amazon - of course ;).

Magic Circle Pilates Ring

Another great resistance tool.  This was specifically designed for Pilates and allows to to emphasize  arms, inner thighs in a Mat session.  There are several good brands out there but I really like the ProBody Ring.  It's light weight and has nice pads for your hands.