I'm still offering my Zoom classes and privates that I started in 2020 due to the pandemic.  This has been a great solution to pilates studios being closed off and on, along with helping clients stay safe and work out in their homes.  Not only has Zoom allowed me to stay connected to local clients but also friends and clients that have moved out of the area.  These Zoom classes are also great for mothers, or fathers that are home with small children or anyone who would prefer to workout at home.

The Zoom classes are for all levels, even beginners! We do mat pilates exercises and also utilize small props such as foam roller, small ball, and light hand weights.  These pieces of equipment are not required to take class, and is optional to enrich the workout experience.

My current Zoom class schedule is Tuesdays at 9am, and Thursdays at 10am.  Additional times may be added if I can get 3 or more people interested.  I also offer Zoom privates and semi privates and can be scheduled at your convenience. 

These classes are affordable!  Finally affordable pilates is here!!!  Drop in classes are $7 and if you pay for a month of classes in advance, they are only $5.  You have the option of paying for one class a week or two classes a week and if you miss a class I will send you  the recorded video to make up on your own time.  If you are interested in privates they are only $40 a session or $38 if you purchase a 10 pack.

This new way of working has been wonderful for me.  I can stay home with my two young children, who I now homeschool.  I also have more time to dedicate to my pilates and anatomy art practice. 

If you are interested in Zoom classes or privates text or call me at 619-208-5139.