For most of my working life I have done some sort of teaching.  I love learning and sharing my knowledge with others, who then in turn teach me new things.  It's a process that never ends - as a teacher you are forever a student.

In my current journey as a Pilates Instructor it's about sharing with others my passion and reward that Pilates has personally given me.  As a Pilates Instructor my reward is to help my clients find their own path through Pilates.  Why have they turned to Pilates? What can it give them? And how can I help them along the way?

As a teacher you are always looking for more ways to give your clients what they need.  In Pilates I feel it's that quest for the perfect cue or imagery that will connect your clients to their bodies and movement.  Then they experience this moment when things start to click in their bodies and they feel a sense of harmony.  It's those moments where I'm able to show them how to heal and push their bodies at the same time.  We all have different reasons why we have turned to Pilates - for exercise, rehabilitation and/or connection.  I can only teach from my own personal attraction to Pilates and share my experiences and what I get out of different exercises. In that lies the reward for both me the teacher and my client, the student - we are feeding each other.